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        Basic Information

        2020 Asia Service Sciences and Software Engineering Conference (ASSE 2020)

        Website: http://www.asse.net


        Nagoya, Japan

        Conference Date

        May 13 - May 15, 2020

        Submission Deadline

        Apr 05, 2020


        Hotel Mielparque Nagoya

        Subjects: Computer Science and Technologies

        Sponsorship: ACM Singapore Chapter

        Indexing: EI Compendex,ISI,Scopus

        Short Description

        Conference official website:http://www.asse.net
        Meeting time:May 13-15, 2020.
        Meeting place:Nagoya, Japan/Hotel Mielparque Nagoya.
        Host unit:ACM Singapore Chapter.
        keynote speaker:
        Prof. Sergei Gorlatch
        University of Muenster, Germany
        Prof. Chin-Chen Chang
        Feng Chia University, Taiwan
        Prof. Ma Maode
        Nanyang Technological University in Singapore 
        Published by:
        1. ASSE 2020 is supported by ACM Singapore Chapter.
        2. The accepted and registered papers can be publishein the Conference Proceedings by ACM (ISBN 978-1-4503-7710-2) which will be archived in the ACM Digital Library, indexed by Ei Compendex and Scopus, and submitted to be reviewed by Thomson Reuters Conference Proceedings Citation Index (ISI Web of Science).
        Call for Papers:
        Computer Apllication.
        System hardware and software Design.
        The Internet of things Enginering.
        Intelligence Algorithm. 
        System Model and simulation.
        The Integration of Technology and Business Strategies.
        Geographic Information System.
        Communication Networks.
        Infrastructure for Next Generation Networks.
        Web information mining and retrieval.
        Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery.
        Cloud Computing.
        Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery.
        Database and Information System Architecture and Performance.
        Applications of DB Systems and Information Systems.
        Methods and Techniques for Software Development.
        Big data and Cloud Computing.
        System and architecture of e-Government.
        The e-Voting issue and e-Democracy.
        Requirements Engineering.
        Object-Oriented Technologies.
        Model-driven Architecture and Engineering.
        Re-engineering and Reverse Engineering.
        Important Dates 
        Deadline (full text) : April 5, 2020.
        Deadline (abstract) : April 15, 2020.
        Registration Deadline: April 25, 2020.
        Conference Contact :Ms. Zoey Zhuo
        mailbox: asse@acm-sg.org
        Tel: +86-021-59561560
        ASSE 2020 can provide a forum for researchers, practitioners, and professionals from the industry, academia and government to discourse on research and development, professional practice in Service Sciences and Software Engineering. 
        For more conference information, please visit the conference website:http://www.asse.net


        E-mail: asse@acm-sg.org

        Tel: 86-021-59561560

        Rank: ★★★★


        Online Proceedings:

        Indexing Proof: View

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